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Genius 4 x 6 Inches Graphic Tablet with Battery-Free Cordless Pen and FREE Laser Touch Scroll Mouse (EasyPen M406)


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  • The EasyPen M406 4" x 6" innovative and convenient tablet stands out from all other traditional tablets and brings you a new digital graphic experience. The lightweight battery-free cordless pen gives you intuitive control just like a real pen. You can draw, paint, sketch and sign easier with the 1024 pressure sensitive levels for all kinds of shapes and thickness to maximize your creations.
  • Great tool to drew, paint, sketch and write
  • 4 x 6 Inches wide screen switchable working area
  • Battery-free cordless pen
  • Rolling pad for scrolling, volume up/down, zooming in/ out and brush functions
  • Support Undo, Eraser, Next page and Previous page fast-access keys
  • 2560 LPI high accuracy and sensitivity
  • Pen clip design for easy storage

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