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GE USB-C to HDMI Adapter


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GE USB-C to HDMI Adapter, 4K at 60Hz Resolution, HDTV & 4K UHD Compatible, Display from USB-C Devices to HDMI 2.0 Monitors, Reversible USB Type-C Connection, 6In


  • Usb C HDMI adapter – Connects USB-C-enabled video devices to HDMI 2. 0 displays for flawless images and video
  • Compatibility – Works with all Brands of USB-C equipped computers and laptops
  • 4K adapter HDMI – Resolution of up to 4K at 60Hz
  • Reversible USB-C connection – never search for the right side again thanks to the easy plug-in USB-C connector which is reversible – meaning it can be plugged in either way
  • Peace OF mind – This adapter comes with a limited lifetime

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