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Dell 23" FHD Ultrathin Bezel IPS HDMI (Refurbished)


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$ 165.00
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This is a Professionally Refurbished item. While this item has been tested to be in great working condition, it may show minor signs of use and cosmetic blemishes which do not affect the functionality of the item.

The Dell™ 23 Monitor – P2319H adjusts to fit your work style and provides virtually all the connectivity options you'll need over the course of the day.

Monitor stand has full adjustability features to maximise viewing comfort

Easily transition from landscape to portrait orientation – gives you the option of viewing large web pages with less scrolling

Dell Display Manager is your one stop software application to manually adjust or auto assign optimal preset modes to specific software applications

1920x1080 FULL HD IPS 
​VGA - HDMI - Display Port

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