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AUKEY Gaming Wireless Mouse, 6 Adjustable DPI, 5 Buttons


$ 29.00

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  • Latest-Generation Ergonomic Mouse: Ergonomic design provides greater comfort for your hand, relieving soreness and reducing strain. It’s also a high-precision six-button mouse that’s great for work, casual computer use, and even gaming
  • Optimum 30° Angle & Large Palm Rest: Shaped to encourage a more natural hand, wrist, and elbow alignment than traditional mice, it may prevent or relieve the pain of repetitive stress injuries
  • Multifunctional Mouse: Features a wide range of DPI levels (3 Polling Rate, 125HZ, 250HZ, 500HZ, set according to computer configuration), to suit graphic design, spreadsheet work, daily web browsing, or gaming. 5 programmable buttons (excludes left button) for customizable use. Automatically enters sleep mode if not used for 8 minutes to conserve battery (press any button to wake)
  • Premium Surface: Streamlined design with comfortable, non-slip, anti-sweat finish for lasting comfort and performance
  • Package Contents: AUKEY KM-W9 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse, USB Wireless Receiver, User Manual, 45-Day Money Back Guarantee and 24-Month Product Replacement Warranty Card

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